"I was inspired to create this deck to encourage you to experiment with Wild Offering: giving all to the Divine with complete and utter abandon. When you fully surrender any topic, you begin to release a tremendous burden. You no longer have to solve the problem from the ego. You no longer have to micromanage the issue. You immediately feel lighter. The right help and actions amazingly get shown at the right time.


This deck can be used as an oracle where you’re guided to a specific card, or just as a fun way to get reminders to carry with you or put on your altar. Surrender and offering can deepen through playfulness and spontaneity - so I recommend using this deck in that way!"

- Tosha Silver


52 beautifully illustrated cards, beloved spiritual teacher and author Tosha Silver uses her accessible, slightly quirky style to convey her key teaching messages of Surrender and Offering to Divine Will.

The Wild Offering Oracle by Tosha Silver

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